Message from the President

Interaction with animals gives us warmth and comfort. Animal Therapy is what we call the activities using this power of healing by animals that enhances health of humans.

Our association visits elderly facilities, nursing care facilities, disabled facilities, schools, hospitals, palliative care ward, nursing homes and prisons, with therapy dogs who have received special training and qualified animal therapists. It is our job as animal therapist and therapy dog to offer the guests healing, courage, energy, and smiles during our visits at numerous facilities.

In Europe and the US, therapy dogs are already active in many medical settings, and have already established the position as a treatment dog. Medical expenses are also greatly reduced by therapy dogs.
Meanwhile in Japan, recently, animal therapy has been picked up by the media and began receiving attention. Activities of our association are taken up in newspapers, TV such as NHK, radio, magazines as well. However; the awareness of therapy dogs is still low, and its status has not been established yet.

In Japan, guide dogs, hearing dogs, and assistance dogs are recognized as auxiliary dogs, but therapy dogs are not and therefore cannot enter hospitals without a therapist.

In order to allow a therapy dog accompany with an animal therapist to public facilities, we would like to gain the understanding of many people. Our association also does activities to raise awareness of therapy dogs in front of train stations around Japan, and we kindly ask for your cooperation and support.

Dogs can be hugely helpful for the society and people ! By letting people in Japan know about this and reaffirming the infinite power of the dog’s secret, the social status of the dog will also elevate. As a result, we hope it will lead to the decrease of dogs being euthanized. Please come and know us, about animal therapy, about therapy dogs!

We would be deeply happy if those who agree with the activities and philosophy of this association become a member!
You can become a member even if you do not have a dog.
And for those who love dogs and who want to spread their power all over Japan! Would you like to become an animal therapist?

Power of dogs touch the heart and make you happy!

Non Profit Organization
Japan Animal Therapy Association