Effect of Covid-19

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Our association currently takes cares of about 100 dogs, including active therapy dogs, retired therapy dogs, dogs that are training to become therapy dogs, and few dogs who have lost their home.

Approximately 50 of them live in Ikoi no Basho (Kanagawa prefecture) and the other half in Fuji Dog Farm (Shizuoka prefecture).

More than half are large dogs such as St. Bernard, Great Dane, Golden Retriever and Borzoi. Therefore, the food our dogs consume each day is a considerable amount.

As you may know, the sources of income of our association is highly dependent on the donations and the visits to the facility for animal therapy activities.

However, due to the spread of corona virus, all the 30 animal therapy activities in March have been cancelled.

As a result, there was no income from the facilities in March, and our association, taking care of many dogs, has been facing a hard time in fundraising.

March is a month when we are supposed to be most active throughout the year, but now we are very confused by the unexpected situation.

Winter was warm this year, but the Fuji Dog Farm at the foot of Mount Fuji still gets very cold, and the dogs need to be fed almost twice as much compared to the summer.

We are currently depending mostly on the fundraising activities online, due to the restriction of fundraising activities near the train stations which we have been doing before.

After all, there are less people passing by the stations as before the crisis. Since the number of staff is also limited, it makes it difficult to gain sufficient amount of funds only by these activities.

We therefore greatly appreciate if you could help us with your donation.

To save the association.

To save the 100 therapy dogs.

We will do our best to raise fund as much as we can, but we also need your support.

Thank you very much.
Thank you for reading.

February 29, 2020
NPO Japan Animal Therapy Association
Eiko Kazama