Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Qualification

We provide therapy dog certification to dogs who pass a practical exam. This certification is required for all dogs that collaborate with the association in order to continue our work safely.

*All fees below do not include taxes.

Qualification for the exam
– Dogs over 8 months old
– Gender does not matter
– Vaccinated
– Must be house trained

Passing Criterion
– Dogs must not be bothered by being touched by anyone in any place
– Must be able to get along with other dogs
– Must be able to “sit” and “stay.” (“lie down” also, if possible)
– Does not bark for no reason
– Does not jump on people

– about 30 minutes (exam will be held at association designated site)

Exam Fee: 5,000 JPY (8,000 JPY for each makeup test)
Registration Fee: 50,000 JPY
Total: 55,000 JPY

Dog tag for a certified animal assisted therapy dog (*required to visit facilities)
4,500 JPY for a large-sized dog
3,500 JPY for a middle and small-sized dog

JATA (Specified Nonprofit Corporation Japan Animal Therapy Association) will issue your dog a certificate of therapy dog.