Animal Assisted Therapist Qualification

Why are animal therapists receiving attention these days?

All of us suffer from stress and loneliness, to whatever extent that is – and that is probably the reason why animal therapists have started to become spotlighted.

Animal therapists use therapy dogs to heal people’s hearts.

In today’s stressful world the demand for the variety of the ways to heal the mind is continuously increasing. Animal therapy is considered to be one of those, which is shown by the result that the use of animal therapists is gradually expanding.

For example, at one facility which regularly makes use of animal therapy, there are many who eagerly look forward to the visits of the therapy dogs and the animal therapists. Dogs themselves possess something magical that can heal the hearts of people.

In addition, stroking a dog has a positive impact on one’s health in ways such as reducing the blood pressure. Spending time with a therapy dog and speaking with an animal therapist gives comfort and energy to live on.

However, without the help of the therapists, dogs’ abilities cannot be drawn. Animal therapists act as a bridge between people and the therapy dogs.

JATA trains and certifies successful candidates as animal therapists.

*All training will be held in Japanese. Please refer to the Japanese website for further information.